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6410-901-Faremoutiers Building Fund

Faremoutiers is a new church started in 2005 to the east of Paris, in a region where people travel many miles to find an evangelical church. People have been converted and baptized, and the church has grown to 50.

The present need is for a permanent and visible place for worship. The need for a credible evangelical witness covers a very wide area in the east of the Paris region. The people we aim to reach primarily are in a network of towns and villages in and around Faremoutiers.

Church members come from 16 different towns and villages, mostly within a radius of 15 miles. Within that area, of about 100,000 inhabitants, there are only two other evangelical churches. In Faremoutiers itself, there are 2,500 inhabitants.

With a building, we expect that growth to accelerate. The new church building will seat 150 people and provide rooms for Sunday School.

We have found that a key to church growth in France is having a visible building that gives the church credibility. From the outset the founding members were determined to put spiritual growth as the highest priority and to that end started employing a part-time pastor in 2009. They also put money aside for the building project that they knew was inevitable. WorldVenture can be involved in three ways: providing an address for donors who need tax exemption, finding and encouraging new donors, and recruiting teams to help with certain phases of the building project.

Land and the original building on it will cost $271,200, including legal fees. Current estimates from architects to develop the location are $900,000. Additional equipment will cost $60,000.