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6410-904-Chevry-Brie Worship Center

The WorldVenture France team is in the process of advancing the worldwide objective of establishing new churches. We are starting with a church in the Brie region of France, specifically in the town of Chevry-Cossigny, which will serve a larger community including the hub city of Brie-Comte-Robert. They are unable to invite anyone due to lack of space. This new facility would have an immediate impact on attendance, membership, and lives reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

People are begging to attend this church, but we just cannot open our doors to the general public because we have run out of space.

The immediate objective is to help the local church plant to grow, as they have run out of space in the home where it is currently held.

The mid-term objective is to reach the larger group of towns in the region, and a larger facility would allow us to hold concerts, conferences, large dinners, and outreach events that would be attractive and powerful. The long term objective is to create a church that becomes the center of church planting in the region, one that will train, equip and send new leaders out into the other towns in the Brie region.

$6000: Audiovisual equipment (projector, screen, sound) to enhance the quality of our presentation
$7000: Chairs and 15 tables for a Thanksgiving outreach next fall!
$7500: Handicap-equipped bathrooms and an equipped kitchen
$750: Baptismal pool
$10,000: Building renovations, including ceiling tiles, paint, security devices, cabling, and a new sign
$400: per month for rent and utilities