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6417-901-Hallelujah Gospel Family Choir Network

Black Gospel music has been popular in Japan for many years now. Non-Christians participate in choirs to sing this music that touches a part of their soul and brings them great joy. This project seeks to develop choir communities sponsored by cooperating churches to develop relationships between the Christians and non-Christians.

Christians have seen this response to Black Gospel music as a wonderful opportunity to reach the hearts of these non-Christians with the gospel message contained in the songs.

Funds will be used to purchase resource material, equipment and event-related expenses. We plan to hold regional and combined concerts for greater evangelistic impact. Gospel tours from Japan to other countries also provide the opportunity to deepen relationships among the non-Christian and Christian members.

Some needs are:
–resource material ($1,000)
–event-related expenses ($6,000)
–equipment and supplies ($1,500)
–administration costs ($1,500)