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6417-916-Gospel Manga Project (Treasure Hunt)

Help Kids Find the Greatest Treasure of All

Of all the world’s Christians, only 4% came to Christ after the age of 30. But 83% came to Christ before the age of 14! With a third of our world still completely unreached, one of the most important questions we can ask is: How can we reach more kids? But let’s take that question to another level: How can we mobilize kids to reach kids? How can we not just reach kids with the Gospel… how can we help kids reach other kids with the Gospel? After all, who better to reach a child than another child? That is the heart of the Treasure Hunt Project… and kids find the Treasure Hunt irresistible!



Japan and the World

Our Vision:

To fulfill the Great Commission by maximizing the most Gospel-responsive generation to reach their worlds: mobilizing kids to reach kids.

Our Strategy:

The Treasure Hunt Project (THP) is based on using manga (comics) that are now the world standard genre for youth and kids. The THP may be the only global kids-mobilization initiative today. THP is simple, versatile, and inexpensive:

-Simple enough for a child to use

-Versatile because it works for kids the world over, in both developed and developing nations

-Inexpensive because the tool costs pennies per child and can be shared from child to child.

Kids reach their friends using the THP Challenge (pocket-manga) and then youth disciple those kids using the THP Venture (discipleship series).

Things Needed for Success:

The pocket-manga is now in 8 languages with a dozen more in planning. Each language needs $18,000 for full development. Will you help kids in another language discover the greatest treasure of all, Jesus Christ, by contributing to the full development one of our language projects?

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