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6418-904-Theological Education-PTEE

Since 1981, the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) has been equipping Arab Christians for leadership through evangelical theological education wherever they live in the Arab world. PTEE’s partners in ministry share:
1) PTEE’s strategic passion for the Arabic-speaking peoples of the MENA region,
2) PTEE’s vision for on-location training and discipleship of current and emerging leaders in the Arab world,
3) PTEE’s academic commitment to producing and delivering the highest caliber Arabic-language theological curriculum and educational methodologies in use presently.

With classes operating in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and other parts of the MENA region, as well as in Europe and North America, PTEE is uniquely positioned through its regional and global relationships to support and equip local believers in their given context. PTEE offers certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s degrees in theology, and its academic awards are officially accredited by the Asia Theological Association.

“The Program for Theological Education by Extension is one of the strongest and most reliable methods for studying the Word of God in the Middle East today. The program has a great testimony among the churches in Jordan, and many Christians have joined the program since the beginning and still today, many are involved with PTEE studies. I have taken courses from PTEE on a part-time basis for over twenty years; studying with PTEE has been like a refuge that refreshes my soul, and the godly values that I learned affected my life and work.” – a PTEE life-long learner, Jordan

“Central to effective theological education is a ‘learning balance’ between head, heart, and hands. The Program for Theological Education by Extension takes this seriously with solid content that challenges the mind, a relational emphasis through the weekly tutor groups and care from local church leaders, and multiple and immediate opportunities for practical application. I have seen first-hand the transformation impact of PTEE as churches which embrace the program find new and creative vision for Christian ministry. Although I am currently serving in an institutional context, I am a great advocate for the non-institutional approach of PTEE and am excited as I see the constant striving of the PTEE team to find new ways of strengthening the churches of the Arab world.” – Perry Shaw, Ed.D., Professor of Christian Education; Director, Educational Ministries Resource Centre, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

PTEE’s vision is to develop leaders both men and women through theological education for the growth of the church and the positive transformation of society in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Current Projects:
1) Program Expansion: PTEE’s current five-year strategic plan outlines its commitment to making its program available in every Arabic-speaking country in the Middle East and North Africa by 2020.
2) Curriculum/Program Development: PTEE continues to pursue new course offerings through curriculum development, including “Christian Peacemaking” (presently in field-testing stage), “Understanding Islam” (in writing stage), and “The Christian Life” (research stage). Curriculum development also includes development of its SEED/Certificate of Ministry program, which enables life-long learners to honor their experiences through a secondary education equivalency degree. (Financial Goal: $535,000 per year)
3) Renovation of Ministry Center: PTEE is presently renovating a recently-purchased building that will serve as its Amman-based ministry center. (Financial Goal: $175,000)
4) e-Learning: In addition to its print-based course materials, PTEE is poised to begin development of an e-Learning initiative to reach a wider audience through innovative electronic media.