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6421-904-Bilingual Community Church Building

The Bilingual Community Church (BCC) was started in 2004 by a WorldVenture missionary family. In 2013, the church moved into a new stage of its growth with the installation of its first elders and the beginning of membership. Regular adult attendance of 350 or more means this church needs a permanent facility.

Many that come to this church are seekers, not yet believers, so they cannot be expected to contribute financially to the church. As a result, this church is in need of additional outside help to obtain a permanent facility.

This project will encourage donors to fund the new building for the Bilingual Community Church to continue reaching its community as a vibrant place for seekers to gather.

While continuing an emphasis on evangelism, the church has also been developing discipleship programs, growing Bible Study groups, and preparing elders to lead this church. Furthermore, the church is active in sharing God’s grace by providing assistance to individuals in need and supporting a local ministry to mothers in crisis pregnancies.