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6421-916-Joy House Ministry Center

Almost 6 years ago, the Joy House began as an outreach ministry of The Grace Place in the village of
DaKangLang, a rural community that had no church or Gospel outreach. We have seen God work in significant
ways, as kids have come to know Jesus. We have outgrown the original Joy House, both in terms of space and
ministry versatility, and have moved to the second floor of the Dodd’s recently completed house in the
community. This space requires further construction and outfitting in order to be used effectively to meet the
needs of this ministry.

The Joy House has been a place for kids to come on Saturdays, build relationships and hear the Gospel, as well
as being a base for building relationships and Bible story telling in the community. We would like to equip this
larger space to be a ministry center for expanded outreach to children, youth and adults, in conjunction with The
Grace Place. In addition, we hope to reach out to the 200 Filipinos working at a nearby industrial park. This
space will also be available to house interns and short term teams. Our goal continues to be to reach and
disciple children and adults.

Continued Saturday afternoon activities.
Continued conversation with Filipinos about the needs of those working in the industrial park. In addition to our
contacts with Filipinos in the community, we have been in contact with an outreach team from CBOP.
We have begun conversation with recruitment and Pathfinders about opportunities for short-term teams and
Continued base for outreach activities in the community. Current outreach has consisted mostly of relationship
building and Bible story telling.
Without air conditioning this facility will not be usable from April-October. In addition to the air conditioners,
further construction is needed before they are installed.
In order to maximize the versatility of the space, further outfitting is needed.

Detailed estimated budget for this project.
Added construction: $10,000
2nd floor expansion: $90,000
Air Conditioning: $5700
Furnishing and equipment:
Ping pong table and equipment: $350
Projector: $1000
Chairs: $1000
Storage cabinets: $3,300
Speakers: $200
Kitchen area: $1,300
Window coverings: $350
Sports equipment: $450
Total: $113,650