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6432-001-Malawi H2O

Malawi H2O is an effort pioneered by a men’s small group from Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. In early 2017, they began a study on the book titled “Counter Culture” by David Platt. The book challenged them to live simply, help constructively, invest eternally, and give sacrificially – rather than in comfort. This thought process led to the genesis of Malawi H2O where funds would be raised to support the drilling of boreholes in Malawi, Africa.

Malawi is in Southern Africa and year after year is in the top 5 poorest countries in the world where clean water is not taken for granted like it is in the states. The idea is to bring clean physical water and the pure living water of Jesus Christ to the children and people of Malawi.

It currently takes only $10,000 to bring long-term healthy water to those who need it via a 300 foot deep water well (borehole). The funds go to Somebody Cares Ministries (SCM) who partners with the local communities to assess the greatest need for a borehole. Once operational, the local communities take the ownership of maintenance leading to an ongoing source of clean water in the area.