6436-906-Hungarian Church Resource

This project helps enable and equip new and smaller Hungarian congregations to evangelize, worship, teach and make disciples. Funds will be used to purchase equipment struggling congregations need to share the Good News.

While several areas of Hungarian society have made vast improvements in electronic and printed communication, churches have not and are becoming increasingly irrelevant in its approach.

This fund will give a jumpstart to a struggling congregation as it evangelizes, worships, and teaches so that its message and ministry are effective and relevant to the new generation.

This fund may assist Hungarian churches in which WorldVenture personnel are directly serving and have an ongoing relationship. The core leaders of such congregations should hold to an evangelical theology. The missionary must be careful that the funds not be misused so as to buy friendship or create a dependency on Western funds. Supporting partners can develop a personal relationship with a congregation that can continue for years after that first financial assistance.

Electronic keyboard: $2,500
Two projectors for worship and teaching: $4,000
Laptop for a new church: $1,500