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6440-965-Good Sam Japan Earthquake

With each passing day, the news out of Japan remains grim in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disasters. News of the crippled nuclear reactors and release of radiation only compound the stress and grief of survivors. In these dark hours, many individuals and churches want to express the love of Jesus by giving to help relieve the immediate and overwhelming needs in Japan. The WorldVenture team in Japan is hosting the coordination of relief efforts in their ministry center in Tokyo. Several of our missionaries are in the most devestated parts of Sendai right now volunteering and sharing the love of Christ. We have passed our original $100,000 dollar (?8,093,000 yen) goal, and want to thank all those who gave. Because the needs surpass $100,000, and we are more than ever able to put all of these funds to powerful immediate and long term use, we are continuing receiving donations. Every sacrificial gift will be made full use of in our Relief, Rebuilding, and Restoration plan. DONATE TO THE RELIEF EFFORT How will my donations be used? While many in the U.S. are eager to help, being able to go right now is a logistical challenge. We will post opportunities to help in the coming days. To learn more about WorldVenture’s ministry in Japan, visit the Japan Baptist Fellowship website at Subscribe to WorldVenture Updates on Disaster Relief in Japan ? Updates from our missionaries on the ground in Japan. We post updates as soon as we receive them. Click here to see them all ? A video created by WorldVenture missionary Kevin Laverman documenting his experience of relief work and church response in tsunami-devastated northern Japan.