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6443-902-Kenedi Children’s Center & Home

Funds will be used to support the Kennedy Children’s Center and Home.

These children have homes, but are sent to beg from morning until often late at night. Many times these children have been provided very little food to sustain themselves, are almost always dirty and unkempt to appeal to those they are begging from. Many children have no opportunity to receive an education and many times do not even know their own age. Their parent(s) are many times uneducated, without work and often do not properly care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their children.

The Kennedy Center focuses on reaching the at-risk children on the streets of Korcha, Albania.

The Kennedy Children’s Center and Home has two components. The first is a day center where children can experience a warm, safe and encouraging environment along with a good lunch and Bible-focused activities. The children are also taught basic hygiene and develop healthy relationships with the staff. These relationships are key to the hope that through them the children will open themselves to hearing that the warmth and comfort they are experiencing comes from Jesus Christ.

The second component is a 24-hour care home for girls who are in highly abusive and/or dangerous situations. Besides being well-cared for, the children living in this home attend school and receive medical and dental care.

The monthly cost for each child runs about $80.