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6443-906-Kenedi Foundation

The Kennedy Foundation, a legal entity in Albania, serves as the compassion arm of the local evangelical church of Korca. The foundation is run by a board of directors made up of both foreign missionaries and local pastors. It is fully staffed by the church.

The Kennedy Foundation supports several ministries including a medical clinic, physical therapy, elderly care, special education and a children’s center. The Medical Clinic specializes in in-home wound care, diabetes testing, providing low-cost eye glasses, and other medical needs. Within the clinic, Albanian nurses have been trained to administer physical therapy for stroke patients and physically handicapped children.

The Elderly Care Center serves the elderly in the Korca community through assisting with grocery shopping, cleaning houses, running errands and providing companionship.

The Special Education focuses on teaching children whose handicaps prevent them from attending regular school. The teachers work patiently and diligently with the children to show their parents and caretakers the inherent worth inside each child.

The Children’s Center focuses on meeting the needs of at-risk children. Funds from this project will support these ministries.

Though some of the ministries do try to offset some of their costs by charging small amounts for their services, the reality is that those served are poor and the goal is to serve despite ability to pay.

The foundation seeks to spread the gospel in Korca and its surrounding areas by meeting the physical needs of the poor, elderly and needy.

Each of the above projects has its own budget. At this point, our goal is to raise support for the Foundation in general, to be used wherever it’s most needed.