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6443-909-Kenedi Safe Home for Girls

At the most basic level, Albania lacks the social services infrastructure necessary to house and care for girls rescued from abuse. The Korçë Evangelical Church and the Kenedi Foundation saw this need and believed that a Christ centered care home should be opened to provide refuge for these girls. So, in 2004 we opened the Kenedi Safe Home for Girls.

Girls who were once sexually abused, beaten and severely neglected are now loved, growing and thriving. They are surrounded by people who want the best for them and who would never hurt them. They are safe.

In Albania, national and international trafficking of young Albanian girls is a real and immediate threat. Furthermore, physical and or extreme emotional abuse towards girls is an all too common occurrence. Prosecution of sex-based crimes against women and young girls is on the rise, but there exists a real problem within the Albanian social services system of how to care for and protect girls who have been removed from situations of abuse.

We pray that the traumas of abuse and neglect experienced by our girls will fade and be replaced by love. We know this will take time, and tears, but we will be here for them and love them through the hard parts.

Our comfortable three-story home extends grace by offering a safe place for girls aged four to eighteen to heal and grow. We have room here for eight girls, and have a family-orientated atmosphere, small enough for individual care. Girls who are currently being sexually abused or are in immediate danger of being trafficked are our highest concern. We also take in girls who are suffering extreme neglect and or physical abuse. We focus on long-term care and work with the state to secure custody of each girl we bring into the home. They truly become part of the family.

Our director, and four “house moms” watch over the girls and love them, providing for their emotional, physical and educational needs just as a faithful birth mother would. We are Christ-centered and love these girls with Christ’s love. Prayer, a close connection to church family and Christ-focused relationships help make this home a success.

Budget Items for 12 month period:

Staff – includes director and four house moms $ 26,495.00
Food $ 6,500.00
Electricity $ 750.00
Water $ 510.00
Gas $ 170.00
Home care materials and cleaning supplies $ 800.00
Heating $ 650.00
Medical care $ 1,800.00
Telephone $ 260.00
Legal expenses $ 250.00
School materials $ 500.00
Personal money for girls $ 650.00
Miscellaneous 2% $ 550.00
Total $ 39,885.00