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6451-908-Shempire Translation

This project will provide funds to help underwrite the activities needed to translate and print the Bible into Shempire.

The Shempire are an unreached people group lacking churches and the Word of God in their own language thus restricting what can be done in evangelism, discipleship and leadership formation. With the Bible in Shempire the people can access for themselves the very mind of God and know his will concerning their lives and his desires for them. With the Word of God in Shempire evangelism and discipleship can more easily be carried on and leaders be better formed resulting in stronger and healthier churches.

Our desire is to have the Bible, minimally the New Testament, in the local heart language in order to facilitate evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and church growth.

We are looking train Shempire translators and literacy workers who will help bring the Word of God to their people thus opening doors to the Gospel and the growth of the Church in southern Mali.

Funds are needed to help underwrite the activities required to translate and print the Bible into Shempire. These activities include training Shempire translators/helpers, covering some of the related costs of the production of literacy and translation testing materials, and of the printing of completed books, the New Testament, etc. Over 7 years, it is anticipated that with training expenses, costs of printing literacy material, the New Testament, etc., and purchasing equipment (i.e., computers and printers) the total sum for the project will be $35,000. This breaks down to a yearly total of $3,000 needed for printing literacy materials, the New Testament, etc. and $2,000 for equipment & training.