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6451-910-Leadership Continuing Education

Due to limited funds pastors and church leaders often do not have access to the needed continued professional input to become more productive in their ministries. To alleviate this need funding is sought that will enable pastors and leaders to attend regional Bible schools, conferences, and seminars in order to be better equipped that they might be the leaders that God desires them to be.

We desire to see godly leaders well trained in ministry so that they are better equipped to evangelize, make disciples, develop leaders and better lead their churches.

With the funding from this project we seek to assist local church leaders to continue to develop leadership skills with the end goal of producing stronger churches via evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.

Funds are needed to help underwrite the costs of higher education as well as leadership conferences and seminars. Annually these costs come to $2,000.00 for higher education and $500.00 for conferences and seminars.