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6454-901-Children of Tahaddi

Tahaddi (“challenge” in Arabic) is a Lebanese NGO established in 2008 to respond transformatively to the challenges of urban poverty in Hay el Gharbeh, southern Beirut.

Tahaddi works with families in Hay el Gharbeh who face extreme socioeconomic hardship. Tahaddi operates community-based centers, focused on providing non-formal education, psychosocial support, and health services. In addition, it runs an income-generating sewing workshop.

Tahaddi’s programs prioritize vulnerable Lebanese families, including members of the Dom ethnic minority. Tahaddi also works with refugees, victims of conflict and discrimination, migrants, and other stateless populations, irrespective of nationality, religion or social background.

The Tahaddi staff is composed of 60 specialized members including educators, doctors, nurses, social workers, and mental health, speech, and psychomotor therapists. Community members are also an essential part of the team’s make-up. Tahaddi encourages lifelong learning through participation in professional development and training.

The Tahaddi team seeks to reflect God’s justice, integrity, and compassion on a daily basis through our work among these families in Hay el Gharbeh, as we cooperate together in forging a more just society.

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