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6454-902-Safe Haven Society

Safe Haven Society opened its doors in 2007 with Safe Haven Home for Girls, a foster home for abused and disadvantaged girls in Beirut, Lebanon.

In 2019, Safe Haven started the transition towards non-residential care, first with an online homework help program for children affected by the Beirut explosion, and then opening the doors of its community center in 2021.

Safe Haven currently runs a morning program for children who have never been to school, as well as an afternoon program for children who do attend school but need extra academic support. In addition to educational programs, the children are fed a small breakfast, participate in arts & crafts, games, field trips, and a weekly Bible story.

With 80% of the population of Lebanon living below the poverty line, and only 47% of Lebanese children registered in school in 2021, the work of Safe Haven is more important than ever. Upcoming projects include a hot meal program and providing transportation for registered children.

Ultimately the goal of Safe Haven is to share the love of Christ with children at risk through programs designed to meet their most basic needs in a safe and loving place.