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6460-901-Church/Primary School Building/Materials

Building some simple church and school structures on donated land in three key areas will provide future bases for foreign missionaries to further proclaim the gospel as God leads. Medical and relief aid could also be ministered to the needy.

The Muslim, Hindu, and tribal peoples are responsive to this type of lifestyle, community-minded evangelism. We seek to provide an example of true Christian compassion in various forms through Christian teachers, one of whom is to be the village/suburb CEB pastor.

The Bangladeshi people are among the least evangelized, poorest, most densely populated, and yet most hospitable people on the planet. Though a fundamental Muslim nation, there is some freedom for Bangladeshis to promote the gospel.

These beginning stages are crucial for the young Bangladesh Evangelical Church. The national partners have taken the first step in donating precious small tracts of land. Now is the time for us to step up and do our part in providing young work with simple structures for worship of the one true God.

The Venture 2010 goals of establishing new areas, baptizing new believers, and adding new churches are the goals of this national church.

Ongoing support is crucial for the future years. A church could easily adopt one district, becoming a sister church sharing needs, prayer, and praises via email and phone. Once established, these simple structures will become the center of spiritual life in these spiritually dark areas.

We have chosen to begin with three new schools in strategic locations. Future theological training can be provided from other Asian or American sources, thus bringing much needed pastoral and evangelistic training. The Bangladesh Evangelical Church now partners with Campus Life Bangladesh by providing valuable follow-up to their groundwork of basic evangelism. CLB has committed $750 toward the building of such a structure in the North East where God is at work among tribal people.

The government registration fees for the land transfers are $250-$500 each. The building of the structures is estimated at $2,400. Needed startup funds for the primary schools will be approximately $250. Muslim, Hindu, and Christian students could be supported with $20-$30. Another need is for honorariums of $50 per month to give to national pastors and evangelists. This stipend helps keep these dedicated brothers ministering as only they can, within their own culture and language.