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6462-903-Leadership Develop

The national church leadership is moving ahead with the training of church leaders through the Bethel Bible Institute in Korhogo as well as attempting to continue training through the Senoufo Bible Training by Extension Program. They have instituted, for the first time in many years, a summer training course for pastors, already in leadership, to do continuing education for ministry.

There has been a mass exodus of mission personnel, reducing significantly our ability as a mission team to help our Ivoirian brethren train and develop leaders for the future. Churches without well-trained leaders become feeding grounds for the innumerable cults and sets that are spreading throughout West Africa.

The Association leadership would like to see Bethel Bible Institute filled while sending others for training at a masters level.

In an effort to partner with the association leadership and its churches, we desire to raise such funds that would be then put at the disposition of the Association for the purpose of training leaders.

One year for a family at seminary in Abidjan costs $6,000. Students enrolled this year at the Bethel Bible Institute have costs of $10,000. Students of other Bible schools need $10,500. A two-week training program in the summer for 50 pastors would cost $3,500.