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6462-908-IBB Professorial Support

Since 1990, Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) has been playing a significant role in the training of Christian laymen, pastors and leaders of the evangelical community in West Africa. The 2007-2008 school year began the 17th year with a student body of 20 full-time students, all of whom intend to serve in churches and outreach in the years to come!

Although the continued growth that IBB has been experiencing provides a source of joy, it also provides a significant increase in the expenses associated with the on-going program development, maintenance of the school and facilities, and the recruitment of students and professors. Unfortunately, the administration of IBB and the Church Development Team have found funding for these needs to be an increasingly difficult task. Rarely can a school in the Western World support all of its professors simply with the income generated by student tuition.

The goal of IBB is to effectively train pastors to help their churches to mature in the Christian faith while living in a deceptive, corrupt, and poverty-ridden world.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider what financial involvement you might have in the strategic and crucial support of an IBB professorial position. Funds contributed to this project will be used only for the salary of either a full-time professor or several part-time professors.

An IBB full-time, Masters-level professor providing this crucial and strategic education would receive an annual salary of $5,000. One part-time professor receives an annual salary of $1,000.