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6462-910-BEE Manual Production

The De-centralized Program of Biblical Education for the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Côte d’Ivoire (PEDEBE-CI) is a unique training program entirely written in Cebaara, one of the major Senoufo languages of northern Côte d’Ivoire. More than 400 people have been trained through this program. It has also had a significant impact in the development of leaders for churches. For the average farmer in a village setting, this program permits him to gain a better understanding of the Christian life, the life of the church, and provides him tools necessary for influencing his community for Christ. All this theological training taking place where he can remain home working his farm instead of leaving to participate in a four-year residential Bible School.

At the time of this program’s creation, the printing of PEDEBE manuals for training were subsidized by WorldVenture. With the evacuation of many missionaries in Côte d’Ivoire due to rebel activity, the financial participation of WorldVenture has been significantly reduced. This has led to a crisis in which the PEDEBE program needs additional funding to produce new manuals.

Your contribution to this program could lead to finding peaceful and enduring solutions in this country that desperately needs the truth of the Savior throughout society and at all levels.

In a country like Cote D’Ivoire where an average pastor is responsible for a number of churches, training programs such as these are essential to the life and growth of the churches.

To produce 200 copies of 5 manuals, $5,000 is needed for each of the three training levels. This would make a total 3,000 manual copies.