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6462-940-Ferke Baptist Primary School

The Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire (AEBECI) recognizes a need for evangelical primary and secondary schools. The AEBECI seeks to meet the educational needs of the Baptist church community and to be an outreach to non-Christian children and their families.

Last year the AEBECI started a primary school with a 1st grade class in the Sunday school classrooms of the Baptist church. They hope to add one class each year. Within two more school years, the school will outgrow its current location and will need to move into a new building. The school currently has more applications than places available.

The school will provide a solid evangelical-based education for the children who will become the future pastors, medical professionals and other leaders needed to fill ministry positions to their generation and the ones to come.

The AEBECI has now approved a project to build such a school and would like help to make this a reality. The land needed has been chosen and promised to the church by the mayor of Ferke. Of the 29 students who completed the first year, 12 were from Christian families and 17 were from non-Christian families.

Besides the opportunity for churches to give, they can also work alongside African brothers and sisters in constructing the buildings. Teams will be needed by the summer of 2009.