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6462-967-Compassion Fund

This project will provide humanitarian aid for needy families, primarily believers and especially widows and orphans.

Following years of political crisis and the military division of the country, the agriculturally-based economy in the North is depressed. Local churches are unable to pay their pastors adequately, let alone assist those in desperate need.

This project is a means to demonstrate compassion to the most needy of our world.

About half of the funds are intended to help as seed money for micro-enterprises and cooperatives with the goal of providing opportunities to help needy people develop a means of self-support. The balance will be made available as small grants and used to respond to urgent medical and food needs of the poor. Funds will also be used to help meet schooling needs so that children may continue in school, thus providing a brighter future for their family.

Five thousand dollars are needed for seed funds in micro-enterprises and cooperatives. Another $5,000 will provide grant funds for medical, food, and schooling.