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6462-969-CPE Minibus

The Center for Publication of Evangelical literature (CPE) is working hard to develop grass-roots African Christian writers. In the past, most evangelical literature in the French language has been written by expatriates.

Many nationals who may have a powerful message for their people need training and encouragement in writing. Those who are part of the marketing and distribution network need training in their crucial tasks as well. CPE needs a vehicle that will help us fulfill our vision. CPE takes its staff on the road, bringing this training to nationals in the capitals and educational centers of French-speaking West Africa.

In addition, we need a source of transportation to visit writing clubs, transport literature, drive students to seminars, organize evangelical Christian concerts, and make distribution trips to the interior of Cote d’Ivoire.

Without writers, a publishing company has no material to distribute. It is crucial that writers who know the socio-cultural context be trained and encouraged to produce good literature.

This minibus will enable us to achieve this goal as well as distribute our publications. We need the freedom, efficiency and flexibility that our own vehicle would provide. We have determined that a Hyundai minibus is the vehicle which best meets our need and these challenges.

The total cost of the vehicle is $41,740.