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6462-977-Girls Christian Vocational School

In response to the needs of the church, parents and young women, the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire established the Girls’ Christian Vocational School to provide educational training for young women.

A pastor said, “‘My people die for lack of knowledge.’ We don’t want our people to perish just for the lack of knowledge. We need to begin this school immediately.”

The association hopes that every student will graduate with a firm knowledge of the Scriptures, have a direction plotted for their future, be able to teach others, have a marketable skill to support themselves, and be a productive member of the community.

Funds will be used to purchase a building to house the school and pay for the initial set up costs.

Some of the expenses of this project are: $3,000 for a water tower, $120 for each dorm room bed (32 needed), $30 for each mattress (32 needed), $270 for paint, $7,000 for floor tiles, and $360 for each window (46 needed).