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6462-985-Women’s Bible and Leadership Formation at IBB

Two thirds of our church members are women, and in this culture it is difficult for women to confide in men, even their pastor. We need women better educated in God’s Word and mature in their faith who can teach, disciple, counsel and mentor other women.

The IBB is our national church association’s main school for pastoral and leadership training. Most of the wives who are coming with their husbands, don’t yet know how to read and write in their own language or in French. We would like to see the future pastor’s wives better equipped to assist their husbands in shepherding their flock.

IBB has a separate training program for students and wives to bring them to a good level in French and training them in Bible study and practical skills like sewing, knitting etc. But there are no funds to hire a full time women’s academic director and teacher for the women’s’ training program. We have been teaching the ladies classes two hours in the afternoon from Monday to Friday which has been insufficient to accomplish the training they would need as pastor’s wives. Because of the lack of funds the IBB administration hasn’t been able to pay a salary for a full time teacher for the women’s formation.

To train and minister to women to know and then teach the Word of God effectively to women, youth and children in their local churches and beyond.

Funds will be needed to pay a salary for a full time women professor and about three part time professors. This project will cover the teachers’ salaries and the materials needed for the women’s formation. To be able to teach the pastor’s wives everyday for 4 – 5 hours and have a women’s academic director and full-time professor. Also provide salary for about three part-time professors.