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6466-906-The Beachhead Upper Guinea Mission Advance

We want to see all aspects of Upper Guinea transformed by Christ. Less than 0.2% of Upper Guinea’s 2 million people are Christians. The third and fourth largest cities in the country are in this area. This is an area of significant unemployment, corruption, and need. Our vision is to improve the spiritual, economic, intellectual, governance, social – all aspects of Upper Guinea touched in order to grow Christ’s Kingdom.

The Beachhead project is 1 mile from the city center of Kankan, which boasts an estimated population of 250,000 people, several universities, a large military camp, and the seat of regional government and trade.

Since 1984 the average missionary in Upper Guinea stays just over 10 years. Between 2002 and 2013, over 50 long term missionaries have left the region. The current missionary population, all nationalities combined, is just shy of 30 people. Added to a lack of vocational missionaries is that the God-scattered Christians in Upper Guinea do not have the tools, understanding, or training to help transform the region.

The Beachhead project seeks to be a tool to help overcome these obstacles by doing four things:
(1) enable missionaries to function well
(2) facilitate community outreach
(3) create a place to train national leaders
(4) and provide facilities to accommodate interns and new or medium stay missionaries.

Less than 0.2% of Upper Guinea’s 2 million people are Christians. Our vision is to improve the spiritual, economic, intellectual, and social aspects of Upper Guinea.

Phase 1 & 2: land purchase and perimeter wall construction (Complete)
– a parcel measuring 1,960 square meter (21,097 square feet) purchased in 2012
– perimeter wall completed in 2013
– costs $30204

Phase 3: Deep water well (90% complete)
– solar powered, bore-hole well with pump for the Beachhead and immediate neighbors
– functional for current needs.
– completion based on phase 4
– costs $13,000 ($12,000 already spent)

Phase 4: multi-story building (In progress)
– 184 square meter (1980 square foot) foot print or about 10% of the property
– ground level education, outreach, and meeting space
– 2nd & 3rd floors housing: short, mid, and long stay housing
– 4th floor: residence
– Roof terrace: added meeting and class space
– Buildable over time as funding is available
– Estimated costs: $360,000 ($150,000 invested; $40,000 cash on hand; $60,000 loan available; $170,000 to be raised)

Bonus Phase: Swimming pool
– Funded by the missionary community over and above contributions to the rest of the project. Beachhead contributions do not go towards the pool.

Costs Totals:
Phase 1 & 2 (Land and wall) $ 30,200 Completed
Phase 3 (Deep Well) $ 13,000 90% complete
Phase 4 (multi-story building) $360,000 in progress

Total $403,200

Raised to date (January 2017) $250,000
Left to fund $170,000