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6471-905-1for50 Myanmar

There are 2.3 billion children in our world today. Two thirds of them are still waiting to hear about Jesus and become all that God created them to be.

Myanmar is a Buddhist Nation with 23 million children. We know that seventy percent of Christians pray to receive Christ before the age of 15 and that children are some of the best at reaching their friends with the gospel.

What if every child in every community in Myanmar had someone to reach, disciple and empower them to become an influential Kingdom champion?

1for50 is a global grassroots movement that equips local leaders to impact the next generation for Christ.

To REACH unreached children with the life-changing love of Jesus,
To DISCIPLE children to know and follow Jesus for a lifetime, and
To EMPOWER children to become influential Kingdom Champions in their own families, communities and beyond.

To MOBILIZE local leaders to reach and disciple children,
To CONNECT leaders with others and help them work together and
To EQUIP leaders with relevant tools and ideas.

1for50 is training people on a global platform and building a network of leaders invested in the next generation. Currently the movement is propelled by individuals, churches, ministries and networks in over 100 nations. By equipping one leader for every 50 children, reaching every child in Myanmar and every child in the world becomes possible.

The hidden logistical costs of large-scale 1for50 Myanmar regional events ($2,500/year).
Scholarships for strategic partners to participate in large-scale regional events ($2,000/year).
Ongoing translation, printing and distribution needs for free, open-source 1for50 training materials to be made available into Myanmar languages ($500/year).

The global 1for50 movement is healthy when local leaders have embraced the vision and incorporated it into their ministry. Local small-scale trainings have costs to them as well (printing of materials, participant transportation, site costs, and meals for participants), but these costs are best absorbed by the local community carrying the burden of reaching the kids in their own community. However, as the local and global movements interface, there are other financial needs that arise. Global and national events help to inspire, network, and equip local leaders with new ideas and skills for helping even more children come to know the life-changing love of Jesus. We maintain a website for the sharing of free, open-source resources, and we have frequent global leadership team meetings to facilitate, assess and evaluate our goals and outcomes.

Learn more at or at our 1for50 YouTube Channel.