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6473-908-Ashta Kiran

This project provides financial support to Indian missionaries who are serving with Rays of Hope, a national mission organization in India.

The focus of this ministry is to train Christian workers, establish churches in villages that have no church, and uplift the oppressed.

Funds will be used for workshops and seminars to train pastors and other ministry workers who entered ministry with little or no training. Donations will also provide seed money to establish self-supporting fund-raising projects to support those involved in the training. Money will also be used for mission projects such as the Child Upliftment Program that provides food and tuition for children to receive an education and the Empowerment Through Education program that trains children with computer skills for future equal employment opportunities.

Project needs are:
The Goatery–$100 would provide three goats and feed to one family. As the goats multiply, the family will have a means of livelihood.
Child Upliftment Program–$150 provides one meal for 30 and needed teachers
Empowerment through Education–$3,000 is needed for computer training for 30 children for three months.
Pastors and evangelists–$4,000 would fund training and feeding 100 pastors for five days. Seven bicycles could be purchased for village evangelists with $350. To build a simple worship structure costs $300.