6477-901-Arts & Worship

Encouraging the use of ethnic arts and music to reach least-evangelized people is a major focus of this project. Funds will be used to train lay people in local churches, and provide scholarships for promising, talented worship leaders.

It is a worthwhile cause to further train and disciple the gifted and talented artists among the Indonesian people in order to reach the least-evangelized peoples and to best serve the local church.

It is important to place special attention and emphasis on the worship of the national church. Four objectives of this special project are to develop healthy worship in local churches, to develop healthy worship leaders, to encourage the use of heart music to reach believers and pre-believers in least-evangelized people groups, and to encourage local artists in many ethnic groups to create art forms that will communicate the gospel.

Training laypeople in local churches requires $2,000. Another $2,000 is also needed each for scholarships for talented leaders in the worship arts and encouraging the use of ethnic arts to reach least-evangelized people and in churches.