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6477-903-Mercy Bridge Indonesia

Through Mercy Bridge, lives are being changed both now and for eternity. Working with local Christian leaders in Indonesia, Mercy Bridge provides scholarships for education and hope for families in desperate need.

Millions of children have dropped out of school because they cannot afford it. These children are either sent to Muslim pesantrens where they are taught to be fanatics, or they do not attend school.

This allows Christians within these difficult regions to bridge the gap between cultures, break the cycle of poverty, and shine the light of Christ into the lives of people who may never otherwise hear a positive word about Christianity or the church.

Orphanages have proven to be effective ways of bringing young people to Christ and training them in biblical ways. This project will also cover crises such as the hungry and compassion issues for local church planter families. Often these families cannot pay for operations and unexpected health needs.

A contribution to Mercy Bridge gives you the opportunity to put action to your faith by changing the lives of others. Learn more at 100% of donations go to the children; even a small monthly commitment will make a big difference.