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6477-907-Church Planting Among UPG

This project provides funds for supporting national workers in Indonesia who are ministering to the 131 mega least-evangelized people groups. The goal is to establish healthy reproducing churches in each people group’s mother tongue. Along with funding this project, the team hopes churches will adopt an unreached people group to pray and send short-term teams.

Least-evangelized peoples are defined as less than one percent Christian and less than fifty percent evangelized. There is virtually no church to reach these people groups in their own mother tongues. These people groups are extremely resistant.

The final goal is to establish a healthy reproducing church in each people groups’ mother tongue.

This project is meant to help nationals build redemptive relationships among the least-evangelized peoples of Indonesia through the partnership between missionaries and individuals or churches around the world.

We would like individuals and churches in the U.S. to go beyond sending funds by actually adopting unreached people groups, praying for them, and if possible, visiting and personally reaching out to them. If it is difficult to develop hands-on ministry, the minimum we could do is send prayer requests and ministry updates from the national workers who are adopted.

You can fully adopt a worker to the least-evangelized people groups for $150 per month. The housing costs for a worker are $50 per month.