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6477-914-Church Planting in Cities/Villages

In the past five years, 35 churches have been established, doubling the number of churches in the area. This project provides funds to church planters in Indonesia by providing resources needed to develop a new church.


These church planters generally work in pioneering areas where there are few or no churches from which they can receive support for ministry.
This project is about establishing Christ’s church among Muslims across the archipelago of Indonesia. The hope and dream is that God will continue to multiply His believers and His church in the next five-year period.

Funds will help pay for transportation, salary until the church can support a pastor, meeting halls, and a motorcycle for one church planter each year. For any church planters who are adopted, prayer requests and ministry updates can be provided.

You could adopt a church planter among Muslims or Hindus for approximately $100-$150 per month. Help cover part of the costs for a new church plant by renting a storefront for $50-$100 per month. Supplement the ministry and transportation costs for church planters for $25-$50 per month.