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6484-911-Creative Arts Leadership Development

Christian Alliance for Creative Arts (ACAC) is a multi-disciplinary network of Christian artists and others committed to seeing Christian artists in Mozambique ministering in churches and in society with their art and with their lives. Objectives are to support the spiritual and artistic growth of artists and equip them as church leaders; to present Mozambican arts through a Christian perspective, arts that glorify God; to create a network of production, publication, and commercialization of Christian arts in Mozambique; and to serve as the artistic liaison between foreign religious entities (mission agencies) and the national church. Programs will include worship workshops/consultations, concerts, recording projects and production, arts internship and fine arts classes/arts academy.

Pastors and promoters from the secular world agree that there is currently no Christian arts industry. So artists in the church must either find a secular venue for production, or they are enticed away from the church by the lure of success in the secular world.

A monetary investment to get ACAC programs running is a timely and worthwhile effort that would lead to the development of a neglected but invaluable part of the Mozambican church.

ACAC is designing programs so that it can eventually become a self-sustaining ministry. Each activity has an income-generating component that will, in time, allow the ministry to function without outside assistance.

One conference would cost $1,000; four workshops, $1,600; and four interns’ salary for five months, $2,400.