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6489-901-Medical Care in Africa and Asia

A medical relief program to help children crushed by extreme poverty and deeply ill from preventable conditions. Everyday, WorldVenture medical facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and Pakistan see people die from preventable conditions such as malaria, parasites and amoebic dysentery because it is just too late for treatment. Unfortunately, families often don’t receive medical care until it comes down to life or death. Jesus healed the sick and dying, and God has continued healing by giving wisdom to mankind to develop technology and medicines. But unless we are able to reach far enough, these healing hands cannot touch the needy. WorldVenture medical missions need to expand their resources and capabilities to bring vital medical help before it’s too late. It doesn’t take much. A gift of $30 will provide a medical exam, necessary lab tests and medicine for one person. And only $25,000 will provide the salaries of a national registered nurse and a trained doctor for one full year. We are still hopeful that by the end of this year we will have the funds to hire a full-time nurse and doctor.