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6489-903-Africa Spiritual Life Fund

Celebrate Africa is a periodic gathering of all Africa International Workers intended to provide renewal and intentional recognition of exceptional work done on the continent.

Celebrate Africa will celebrate the hard work and dedication of Africa workers and provide tools for them to return to their respective fields affirmed, refreshed and restored. This fund will cover the on the ground costs for the missionaries.

WorldVenture Africa International Workers work as Bible Translators, Church Planters, Discipleship Leaders, Leadership Development Workers, Business As Mission Entrepreneurs, Sports Leaders, Refugee Camp Workers, English As a Second Language Helpers and so much More. The purpose of the gathering is to encourage them in the Word of God, let them know they are appreciated, give them times of quiet and reflection, as well as fun.

We will have a guest speaker from the USA and an African national as well as an African national singing group to provide times of worship and refreshment where the missionaries do not have to be “on”. The speaker will have been chosen by a majority of missionaries and will be coming with a word to build them up.

Secondly, we will have special awards given because of things that leadership has seen that they will not have realized are worth an award such as special kindnesses or pushing through during terrible difficulties.

Thirdly, we will have spiritual directors and counselors on hand for people to be quiet, talk, reflect, and decompress at times throughout the day and night to ensure that everyone is able to still their hearts and souls in a confidential atmosphere.

Lastly, there will be sightseeing, tourism and free time for fun, games and just doing nothing at all!