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6491-908-Argentine Missions Venture

WorldVenture’s emphasis on partnership in missions is the focus of this project. Argentina is working to send out missionaries. After many years of our work in Argentina, it is important to see the church association have a vision to send missionaries. They have already sent missionaries to Bolivia and now plan to send a couple to Mozambique.

The movement of missions south and east is very real. The growing church outside of the West has a strong desire to participate in world missions. However, often these churches do not have the capital to cover some of the higher costs of moving a family to another country.

We can encourage our sister churches in Argentina by assisting them in their vision to send missionaries by contributing to help with some of the costs.

While they will be responsible for the support of their missionaries, we want to help them with some of the larger one-time expenses to show that we support them in this venture.

Transportation to the field: $5,000
Shipping their possessions to the field: $3,000
Set-up costs: $5,000
A vehicle on the field: $25,000