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6497-904-Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a discipleship program that targets passionate and committed leaders who are already serving, but who have not received adequate training in the areas of biblical studies or basic leadership skills. There are two tracks: 1) A one year internship, which is offered to one leader each year. The intern will be discipled toward developing skills for character, ministry and personal formation; 2) Pastors and churches in Ghana will recommend eight leaders. The participants will commit to spend three weeks per quarter for two years at the Leadership Empowerment Center where they will be trained in core competencies, and ministry skills, character development and sustainability initiatives that will foster a more self-sufficient future for their lives and ministries.

This project will provide opportunities for practical skills training that are otherwise unavailable.

The main objectives we hope to accomplish are the holistic development of leadership and equipping rural church leaders for a life of service and a sustainable future.

Participants will be trained in a leadership community with their peers to foster cultural relevance and to better promote character development. The project allows the ministry to provide an ‘equipping incubator’ for these leaders to facilitate and foster applied skills training in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, pastoral ministry and relevant economic development initiatives to promote self-sufficiency.

The one year internship program (track one) costs $4,200. In track two, participants can be sponsored at the rate of $85.00 per person per session or $680 for the entire two-year program.