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6497-906-Thrive Ventures Ghana

THRIVE Ventures is a community economic development project designed to both provide opportunities for WorldVenture Ghana to sustain their work apart from funding from the USA and provide opportunities for Christian entrepreneurs to grow healthy businesses that will sustain their families.

National health researchers in Ghana have found that children in the Nkwanta District of Ghana, where we serve, receive the lowest levels of protein in the country. This happens because families can’t afford to buy meat and because there is no large-scale egg production in the district.

THRIVE Ventures will holistically transform Ghanaian communities through building sustainable futures for young leaders, creating jobs, establishing a sustainable business model, providing a protein source, and showing Christ-like business principles.

This project is three-fold. 1) THRIVE Farms is the agricultural development piece. THRIVE Farms is being established to demonstrate compassion to our community by providing safe, fresh eggs, which will provide protein in an area where the children are found to be protein deficient and by reducing the cost of egg retailers to get product into their stores–thereby increasing their profit margins.

2) THRIVE exports is the textile and production piece. Artisans and entrepreneurs from the area are being trained in the development of products that can be created using materials from Ghana. Cooking aprons, laptop sleeves, table sets, etc. will be created and marketed to local churches in the USA and small scale export business will be started which will provide jobs and economic opportunities to the people we serve in the Nkwanta District. 3) THRIVE opportunities are projects such as our transportation/delivery business which will fund the other THRIVE projects as well as provide significant funding for ministry ventures allowing WorldVenture Ghana to become sustainable even when there are no WorldVenture missionaries in the area.

Funds from the ventures will be used to assist the existing ministry as well as facilitating projects in the community, such as education and providing clean water.