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Recognizing the need for building a strong Christian leadership foundation for the community in which we live and serve, WorldVenture Ghana in partnership with the founders and board of the New Life Preparatory School will endeavor to revamp the school and create an evangelical primary school with a focus on developing in young people the characteristics of Christian leadership. Early childhood educators are expected to visit summer of 2014 to assist in the revamping of the school.

Residents of this community who adhere to multiple religious and non-religious faiths outside of Christianity want their children to have the very best education possible and would willingly send them to an overtly Christian school if they believe it offers the best education. A school offering education led by US teachers communicates quality and excellence in education. Children of both Christian and non-Christian parents will be verbally exposed to the Gospel and witnesses of the Gospel being lived out in front of them each school day.

The current school closed at end of 2013 and we are endeavoring to revamp and reopen in the Fall of 2014 as the New Life Christian Leadership Academy.

This project will allow the ministry to extend mercy, equip future leaders, and extend the gospel to the large Muslim population that continues to grow in our area, as well as reach a nearby village that is heavily influenced by traditional religion.

The New Life Christian Leadership Academy will provide a solid evangelical-based education for the children who will become the future pastors, medical professionals and other leaders needed to fill ministry positions to their generation and the ones to come. TEACH4NewLife invites educators and student teachers from the US to come and teach and also to participate in the rebuilding of this school, a vital need for the Nkwanta community.

Funds raised will assist the school in relocating and becoming a part of the Leadership Empowerment Center. The school will need adequate start up capital for the purpose of equipping the classrooms for maximum learning potential. Funds additionally will provide financial support for teachers, both US and Ghanaian, assist in providing uniforms and supplies for students, and tuition assistance when necessary.

A Ghanaian teacher salary is $28,800. US teacher assistance is $5,000. School Uniforms cost $3,000; books, $2,350; lunch fees, $2,000; tuition scholarship assistance, $5,850; and electrical service, $3,000. The following funds are one-time expenses: bus, $60,000; white boards, $2,000; tables/chairs/desks, $5,000; and kitchen to prepare lunches, $8,000.