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6158-930-Ghana S/T Teams

The annual Mission Exposure trips to Ghana, West Africa are being hosted by the WorldVenture Ghana team and the Global Director – Africa.

– Seminary students and high school students will be invited to allow them to discover God’s heart for the world in new ways and to activate their gifts and talents in a cross-cultural setting.

– Medical professionals are invited to give themselves away at no charge in partnership with the Nkwanta District Hospital of the Oti Region.

– Bible Teachers and Pastors will be invited to provide seminary education to people who would otherwise have no access to true theological teaching.

– Educators will be invited to help us to build capacity in local Christian schools in stronger ways in the environment where Islam and Animism rule most lives.

In 2024 we have three teams coming:
March 2024 – Theological Education and Leadership Development: This team is in partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary – Houston and Dallas Theological Seminary’s main campus. The team currently has 7 people! FUNDS DUE by January 6, 2024.

July 2024 – Education. Shaamayim International School: we will be at this school two weeks, one week of teacher training and educational growth and one week of Vacation Bible School. FUNDS DUE by May 6, 2024.

August 2024 – Bible Teacher Training:We will have a leader and 7 teachers from the Simeon Trust group joining us to teach women in leadership how to teach the Bible clearly and accurately. FUNDS DUE by June 6, 2024.

Please GIVE! We invite you to help these teams cover the costs of ministry on the ground. All participants in our programs will come to experience ministry in Ghana at no cost. However, we will have to provide all teaching materials for the education trips, all supplies associated with the medical trips (including medication), and all supplies necessary for the facilitation of Vacation Bible School and teacher training.