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[Denver, CO, July 30, 2018] WorldVenture is pleased to announce that Public Health Initiatives will be led by Grace Sandeno. Sandeno shares WorldVenture’s passion for the unreached and underserved. But she also brings more than 30 years of experience in the industry at state and local levels that will benefit communities worldwide.

“We’re excited to have Grace lead us,” remarked Bruce Swanson, WorldVenture’s Director of 360 Initiatives. “Unmet health needs are present in every city, town, and village in the 65 countries where WorldVenture works. Strategic initiatives to provide access to public health makes sustainable changes that result in long-term benefit to individuals and communities. Helping a community improve its physical, mental, or social health demonstrates God’s love and grace in tangible ways.”

Sandeno and her team will be using public health methodology to identify physical, mental and social health needs, with an emphasis on underserved communities. The public health team will partner with WorldVenture staff, community members, and other humanitarian organizations to select pressing health issues and identify culturally relevant solutions, focusing on sustainable solutions that will remain after specific projects have run their course.

With more than three decades in public health, including education, promotion, planning, and regulation, Sandeno’s enthusiasm for this opportunity is contagious and inspiring.

“This is my dream job!” exclaimed Sandeno. “I’m thrilled to work with WorldVenture staff around the world to improve health in underserved communities.”

To accomplish this dream job, Sandeno is raising funds to:
• Travel to select WorldVenture fields to do research, understand local situations, meet local leaders, and identify possibilities. ($15,000)
• Cast vision among WorldVenture’s stakeholders to raise awareness and mobilize public health professionals to engage with projects. ($3,500)
• Seek grants to fund the development of a network of public health professionals and projects in WorldVenture’s circles around the globe. ($5,000)

To support Grace Sandeno and WorldVenture’s Public Health Initiatives, please make an online gift or contact Grace directly at 720-283-2000 or

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