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1100-847-Hagquist, Gloria

Ministry Summary: Church-Missionary Relationships Team

Gloria and Timothy serve churches in the United States, missionary appointees preparing for overseas service, and missionaries on home assignment. Serving includes training, mentoring and encouragement.

About Us:
Timothy & Gloria served as WorldVenture Missionaries in the Philippines and continue to serve in the United States with WorldVenture on the Church – Missionary Relationships Team.

Gloria began her missionary career in 1986 as a short-term worker teaching at Faith Academy in Manila for one year followed by one year in Cebu as a member of a Church Planting Team. She returned to the U.S. where she completed her seminary education and was appointed as a career missionary in January 1991. Between 1991 and 2003, Gloria served as the National Director of Theological Education through Extension.

Timothy and Gloria were married in March 2003. Timothy was a widower and the pastor of one of Gloria’s supporting churches where her mother and father were members. In June 2003 Timothy was appointed as a missionary with CBInternational (now WorldVenture) and in May 2004 Timothy and his new bride moved to the Philippines where they served in Manila. Their last five years were spent in Mindanao where they provided the leadership and management in the redevelopment of Hope Mountain, a holistic training center located in Davao City. They were also involved in mentoring ministries, facilitating short-term mission teams and student internships.

Officially retiring as overseas missionaries in March 2013, they continue with WorldVenture as members of the Church -“ Missionary Relationships Team. Their passion is to serve churches in expanding their global influence through training and helping churches and missionaries build stronger relationships.

Gloria and Timothy are Head Facilitators for the KAIROS Course. The KAIROS Course is an exciting interactive course that looks at our world through God’™s eyes and deepens ones understanding of God’€™s heart for missions. KAIROS is part of the Perspectives Family and is especially designed to equip people in local churches to understand the Biblical and Theological Basis for Missions, the History of Missions, the Strategy and Task of Missions, and the Cultural Aspects of Missions, and demonstrates how one can be involved in missions locally and globally. Along with facilitating the KAIROS Course, they are involved in mentoring missionary appointees as they prepare for overseas service and missionaries on home assignment.

Timothy and Gloria make their home in Milaca, Minnesota where they are actively involved in a local church. As they continue to serve the Lord, their desire for the future is reflected in the words of the Psalmist: “€œMay God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among the nations.” -“ Psalm 67:1 (ESV)

(1) Having more opportunities to facilitate the KAIROS Course in local churches.
(2) Helping missionary appointees and missionaries on home assignment to develop stronger relationships with their supporting churches.
(3) Having the continued health and strength to be effective in serving the Lord.

Pray for:
(1) Expanding the vision for missions and increased involvement of God’s people in the fulfillment of the Great Commission through the KAIROS Course.
(2) Developing strong partnerships between local churches and WorldVenture.
(3) Glorifying God through our lives and ministry.

United States, Americas