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Serving with WorldVenture’s Paraclete Centre in pastoral counseling.

Rev. Dennis Ahern provides pastoral care for those serving in distant, difficult, and sometimes dangerous locations. Dennis serves the church by shepherding ministry families during times of need, fostering the spiritual health necessary for the growth of both worker and work.

Since 1992, Dennis has focused a portion of his ministry serving those impacted by trauma. His mission statement includes “the development of trusted relationships during times of crisis, speaking words of grace, hope, and truth in submission to God’s redemptive purposes.”

Dennis and Denise Ahern’s journey with WorldVenture began in 1979 when they were appointed to serve in Hong Kong. After studying Mandarin in Taiwan and spending a year in Hong Kong, the Aherns eventually settled in Macau to work with new immigrants from China.

They then moved to the Philippines in 1992 where they taught for two years on the faculty of Faith Academy, a school established to provide education for missionary children. Dennis taught high school Bible, but eventually became the school’s pastoral counselor. He helped missionary families face the challenges of disorientation due to separation from family and friends, loneliness, and cross-cultural stress.

In September 1995, the Aherns returned to the States so Dennis could become WorldVenture’s Southwest area director. As director, he assisted cross-cultural workers and coached local churches to take the gospel from their neighborhoods to the nations. Dennis now serves as pastoral counselor with WorldVenture’s Paraclete Centre.

Dennis and Denise have been married for 36 years. They are the parents of four children, all raised in Asia. They are also grandparents to seven granddaughters. Dennis enjoys chess, fly fishing, and taking pastors to lunch at Chinese restaurants. He also serves as a volunteer clergy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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