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4000-022-Anderson, Dan and Eva

We work with North African families who live in or near Madrid, Spain. These families come mainly from three North African people groups: the Rifi Berbers, the Moroccan Arabs and the Jebalas. It is estimated that there are about one million people from these people groups living in Spain.

In an effort to reach out and build relationships with these families we have started a number of community-based outreach activities, including adult literacy classes, Spanish classes for men and for women, and English classes and activities for youth. The purpose of these activities is to help North African families integrate better into the local context and culture and also to demonstrate love and compassion in practical, tangible ways. We also collaborate with other non-profit organizations as well as with the initiatives of local city officials.

We work alongside believers who are from North Africa and who have a burden for their own people. Supporting nationals in the ministry is one of our top priorities. Since the year 2000, we have been working in close partnership with the La Elipa church in Madrid where we have been involved with youth ministry, women’s ministry and missions.

There are less than 10 North African believers among the approximately 300,000 who live in or near Madrid. Helping grow this number is our primary challenge. Pray for quality relationships and opportunities to be “salt and light” in the midst of the community of North Africans who live in Madrid.

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