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4000-028-Axline, Bill and Linda

Training Christian workers and leaders among Chinese disciples through instruction, modeling, and life situations, and assisting churches in developing intentional discipleship ministries, particularly among the Chinese. In both the U.S. and Asia, the Axlines minister primarily to Chinese young men and women, and to churches seeking to build disciples among the Chinese.

Bill and Linda joined the WorldVenture family in 1997 and began their Mandarin language studies in Taiwan. Then in 2000, they were appointed as career missionaries to the field in Macau, where they assisted in planting Great Praise Church and worked evangelizing and building disciples among Chinese students there. During this period of almost 17 years, they have seen Chinese students commit their lives to following Christ, grow to a certain level of maturity, and begin to serve Christ, making an impact on others and becoming leaders in their Christian communities.

Geographically, Bill and Linda’s ministry has grown so that today they have more disciples and Chinese ministry opportunities outside of Macau than they do in Macau. Today they are ministering to Chinese in both Asia and the U.S., training leaders & workers for the Chinese church, directing the translation of discipleship materials for Chinese disciple-makers, evangelizing and building disciples among Chinese students and scholars, and assisting churches in the development of discipleship ministries among the Chinese.

Their son Daniel lives in Lincoln, NE where he works as a computer programmer. Their daughter Sara lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Scott and their three children, Nick (age 8) and Abby and Ben (age 2 – yep! Fraternal twins).

Our challenges:
• Being able to maintain effective communications with the people they serve who are spread over two continents.
• Having wisdom to know their limitations, knowing what opportunities to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to.
• Helping Chinese friends and disciples adjust to a new culture (Chinese coming to America adjusting to a different culture, and Chinese Christians who have lived abroad returning to China).

United States, Americas