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4000-034-Frazee, Jeff and Heidi

Preaching, teaching, and making disciples through community relationships, children’s ministry, and media.

Through more than 18 combined years in Africa God has convinced us that a simple, biblically obedient disciple-making process is the best way to serve in Africa. My wife first moved to Africa with her parents when she was eight years old, and she has had the opportunity to see this region from many different perspectives. I grew up in California. My parents said in hindsight they could see that God was raising me up to serve him since I was very young. We met and fell in love at Moody Bible Institute. Immediately following graduation and marriage we spent one year learning from church planters in Africa and two years as dorm parents in Africa.

We returned to Africa with our growing family in 2010. Our experiences in these years since our return to Africa solidified some of our ideas about how God would have us minister in Africa. There is no better way to reach the people in these regions than through preaching and teaching disciples to observe all Jesus’ commands in the small group settings that are a normal part of people’s daily lives.

Though the vast majority of the people we are reaching are muslims, others are animist at heart. There are very few Christians, less than one percent. The area has freedom of religion. The people are highly relational and share their resources freely.

Pray for our children’s spiritual development. Pray for courage for believers facing the social consequences of following Christ. Pray for church elders to have the courage to obey the Bible, and pray for new workers to be sent into God’s harvest. We would really like to have the iron sharpening iron experience of teammates.

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