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4000-039-Smith, Travis and Aimee

Our family has been living in Bangkok, Thailand since May 2016. For our first few years here, Aimee and I initially partnered with an organization that disciples women coming out of Thailand’s sex industry. We learned a lot about poverty culture and trauma as we watched these women overcome significant challenges in their lives. It was amazing to see the transformation that Jesus brought about.

Currently, Aimee is the Elementary music teacher at International Community School (ICS), where she invests in the lives of about 400 students, most of whom come from non-Christian homes. She describes it as the dream job that she never knew to dream about. She is able to share her love of music with students while also imparting gospel truth into their lives. It is a special bonus to be able to work where our six children attend school and to even get to teach two of them.

Travis began working with The Well International in Chiang Mai in January 2020 as a clinical counseling intern. The Well primarily provides counseling to missionaries serving throughout Asia. It has been a privilege for Travis to start honing his counseling skills and to help guide fellow missionaries towards greater mental and relational health. Travis helped open The Well’s Bangkok branch in October 2020, which will cater to the missionary community throughout Bangkok. He is due to complete his Internship in May 2021, after which he will continue working at The Well.

Travis and Aimee are also very involved at the Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB), a large and vibrant international church in the center of the city. Travis serves on the leadership team as the chairman of the elder board. It is a joy for him to be able to use his leadership and administrative skills to help ECB better impact Bangkok, Thailand, and the nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aimee often leads worship at ECB and also trains others to guide people into the presence of God in worship.

Travis also serves as the WorldVenture team leader for The Mekong Team, which is made up of units in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. This is partly an administrative role, but also involves providing support, giving encouragement, and developing community within the team. He and Aimee are hopeful that the team will continue to grow, with two new families expected to join us in 2021.

Please pray that the gospel would take root in Thailand and that the church would experience tremendous growth. We also ask that you pray for our entire family to be a light to everyone we come in contact with.

About Us:
After dating in high school, we later reconnected in college. Both of us participated in college groups that introduced us to global missions and sent us on short-term missions to other countries. Aimee realized in her first year of college that she wanted to become a missionary. Six months after marrying, Travis felt his own pull to be involved in missions. He began seminary training at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) after Aimee completed a Master’s degree in music. After applying to WorldVenture, we were appointed to serve in North India. While serving there for four years, we fell in love with the Indian church and people. We worked in a variety of ministries, including teaching English, developing Bible study curricula, teaching Bible stories in the slums of Delhi, and leading worship in a variety of settings. Since we were unexpectedly unable to return to North India, we sought God’s guidance on what was next for us. By His grace, He opened the door for us to redeploy to Bangkok, Thailand in 2016. The past several years here have been such a blessing for our family. We have been able to engage in meaningful ministry and our children have thrived at ICS. We trust that God will use us to advance His kingdom in this country and throughout Asia.

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