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4000-055-Shogren, Gary and Karen

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Serving in theological education in Costa Rica.

Born in Rhode Island, Gary was raised in a Christian family. He accepted Christ at a Good News Club and, at the age of 14, felt a powerful call to ministry. After completing his education, Gary pastored a church in New Hampshire while also teaching as a seminary professor.

Karen grew up near Philadelphia and gave her heart to the Lord at a young age. Early in her teen years, she sensed that God wanted her to work cross-culturally. God used many fellow Christians from church, youth group, Christian high school and college to mentor her in faith and service to others, especially through education and music.

After many years of ministry in the United States, the Lord called Gary and Karen to learn Spanish and begin to minister in Latin America. His leading came step-by-step over several years, beginning with Gary teaching occasionally in Romania. This culminated in a decision to go overseas full-time.

Just as North America enjoys a huge surplus of resources compared with Latin America, so too it is rich in theologians, Christian writers and seminaries. Gary and Karen work in an area where it is difficult to get a sound Bible education, even when the student is motivated. Part of the Shogrens reward is to work in a field where there is this greater need.

For Gary, the most exciting aspect of mission work is working with people who love the Lord and who come to the table hungry for His Word. To Karen, the best part of being a missionary is serving God and his people in many kinds of situations.

Pray that the Lord will keep the Shogrens safe in an area of high crime. Pray that Latin Christians consistently turn to the Scriptures for their doctrine.

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