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4000-064-Brown, Janet R.

Coordinating short-term missions in Japan.

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Janet works with four main groups:
1. Japanese national churches
2. Missionaries in Japan
3. Short-term teams and individuals this includes internships and summer ministries for universities.
4. Sending churches, and universities

Janet’s ministry is to place the Short Term Teams and Individuals with Japanese Churches and Missionaries who can use then to help reach the Japanese for Christ. She sets up programs, budgets, schedules, housing and ministries. Once the teams are on the field she does orientation, training, assisting and debriefing.

Pray that the Lord will send workers who have servant’s hearts and that they will be able to present the gospel as well as encourage and assist missionaries and national churches. And pray that Janet will have wisdom in placing those who come to use their talents to reach the Japanese for Christ. Pray for those who hear the gospel and for the churches that will follow-up with them.

About me:

In 1983, Janet Brown went to Japan to teach physical education and coach at the Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ). She served there until 1995 when the Lord led her into a new ministry—ministering as the short-term ministries coordinator for the Japan field. In this position Janet schedules the opportunities for short-term teams and workers to serve and assists them while they are in Japan. She also partners with the national churches in meeting their needs through short-term ministries.

Other ways that Janet has been serving in Japan is: making Stained glass panels for churches; driving the bus for the MK school and other ministries; teaching crafts for the school support services (Home Schooling) at CAJ; and using crafts for outreach programs.

During this last term, Janet was commissioned by the Japanese church that had to relocate because of the Nuclear Disaster new their old church during the triple disaster in March or 2011. She has able to complete 6 panels for the sanctuary and 6 additional panels for the front of the church.

It is exciting to announce that Addison and Abigail Zody were just appointed to replace Janet as the Short Term Coordinator. Their journey of raising support, language study and training for the STM Coordinator position, will take 3-4 years. That will give Janet a few years to teach crafts as an outreach for the missionaries and Japanese Churches before she retires. Her goal is to serve until she is 70 years old and then to retire in the USA. Pray that she can finish well.

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